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Runnaroo was built from the ground up to provide an all around better search experience.

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One search to rule them all

Deep Searching: the inclusion of relevant results from other targeted search engines to deliver better results quicker.

Runnaroo integrates dozens of Deep Search sources to provide more relevant search results.

Some examples:

Just a sample of data sources:

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Get there faster

Quick Directs: Automatic redirects for commonly searched terms (facebook, google, etc.).

In addition to the Quick Directs, our uncluttered search results page will help you quickly find what you need.

Runnaroo Quick Direct

No user tracking

Runnaroo will never sell your data or do any user tracking to serve you ads.

Simply put, we DO NOT:
  • track your search queries
  • store your personal information
  • disclose your personal information to third-parties

Our privacy policy.

Private Search Engine

If you are tired of being tracked, cluttered search result pages, or you have stopped being able to tell the difference between ads and organic search results in other search engines, then Runnaroo is for you.